5 Best Websites with Great Food Recipes

When trying to find a great food recipe, a simple internet search can instantly provide thousands of results and trying to figure out which one is best for you can be daunting. How exactly do you pick out the best website from a list of thousands? The answer is to narrow that search down to five websites to look at to find the recipe for your favorite dish.

All Recipes should be one of the five websites you use for your recipe needs. The website is very easy to navigate, provides beautiful color photos of all the recipes, gives easy to follow instructions as well as ingredient lists and has a star system and areas where real-life people who have cooked the recipe have given feedback. The site is very user-friendly and can provide you recipes in any genre.


Food Network is another site that should be in your top five. This site is very similar to all recipes. It breaks down nutrition information for each dish, as well as telling you how long it will take to make and cook the recipe. It also provides a star rating and a place for comments from individuals who have made the dish in the past. The site also gives each recipe a level of how hard it will be to make the dish and also lets you know the servings the recipe will provide. You will easily find how to make beef tamales in this site. 


Cooking Light is a great website choice if you are looking for a better for you choice in recipes. The food is still great tasting but is on the healthier side. The site provides videos to watch to see the recipe prepares, a star rating system, prep and cook times, amount of servings made per recipe and ingredient lists. The nutrition information section of each recipe is much more involved than other sites, giving you every bit of nutrition information you could need to know if on a special diet or just trying to lose some weight and have a healthier lifestyle.


Another great website that should make the list is Simply Recipes. This site again has a star rating system, reviews, color pictures, prep and bake times as well as servings per recipe. It also provides much more of a write up besides the actual recipe than most recipe sites. This site also give keywords once you have searched for a recipe, for example, if you are looking for a banana bread recipe, the site will tell you the keywords to search for more or similar recipes are baking, banana and quick bread.


The last website that should be included on your list should be MyRecipes. This site is also very much like the other sites we have talked about. It provides the same information that the other sites provide, just not in as much detail.


Navigating the thousands of choices you have when looking for a recipe website can be tricky, but having a handful of go-to sites will make planning your next meal simple and easy and you will be eating in no time!